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About Fondabath

In just three years, Fondabath has swept through the Manchester music scene, having recently played Manchester Academy this summer. Described as a 'hidden gem' of a band, they have since gained a reputation and audience in the city with their 'striking and individual guitar-heavy' sound.


With two already established 'grunge tinted' singles which are 'instrumentally packed with soaring riffs', their self-titled EP is the first of further material rearing to be released. The music carries powerful themes in the form of ambient instrumental breaks and striking melodies to accommodate.


The three tracks are characterised particularly by an emotionally raw bridge build-up in 'Channel Three' to expressive lyrical components in Apart from You' which ties the band's unique sound together. 

Fondabath is made up of lead singer Grace Parker, bassist Ellie Morgan, guitarist's Sam Hampton and Nic Malabuyoc and drummer Joel McCulloch

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